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‘Rising More Slowly’ is my debut solo album from Leem following on from the '404 Error' EP. Drawing on a broad range of influences, the album is a journey through genres and moods in a desire not to be pigeon-holed.

A year ago whilst on tour with Duologue in the USA, and just finishing off demos for this album, I fell ill. What was initially a case of man-flu turned out to be bone marrow cancer. It has been a year of treatment and I have just received the stem cells of an unknown donor who has given me a second chance. This music is a reflection on the journey I have been on physically, emotionally and musically through that time. Much was written before this all happened, but when compiled it all felt eerily prophetic as many of the titles were already decided, as were the themes. They then took on a whole new relevance as I became ill. The album seemed to come together naturally as a track list of ups and downs tracking a totally chaotic period in life but ultimately a positive one. 

I can’t bake and am in no fit state to run a marathon, so I decided something that people could have and share would help us raise awareness of Bone Marrow Donation, its ease and the need, with a diversifying population, to get as many different people signed up as possible. The aim is to raise money for the listed charities who fund all the processes involved in recruiting and processing the donors - see here.

All proceeds will go to the chosen charities The Anthony Nolan Trust, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Unit, Afro-Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. The album is initially on sale for here through the website and then through digital networks from Christmas. Please do pass on to friends and share online.